Ripple of Hope: One Teacher's Journey to Make an Impact

Written and Performed by Karen Sklaire

Directed by Padraic Lillis


A young idealist from Connecticut, inspired by teacher-as-hero movies, begins her career teaching drama in the South Bronx.  In this autobiographical solo show, Karen navigates her way through the troubled NYC school system as she struggles to engage her challenging students with everything from ‘gangsta’ improvs to a rap version of ‘Annie’. Her dedication to the her students and her desire to make a difference impels her to find a way to please an ever- changing administration in order to keep her job. She will soon realize that in a world of budget cuts, rubber rooms, and the common core the question is not “what’s wrong with me?” but, rather, “ what’s wrong with this system”?






"Everything about this gem of a play is  pure gold. Ms. Sklaire’s writing and

performance are irresistible."





"KAREN SKLAIRE is 5-foot-zero of energy and rocks the stage with her wildly funny tales of shock, frustration, and yes, a little success here and there"



“her comedic timing is impeccable.”


Wednesday January 14 at 7:30pm


The Celebration of Whimsy

21 Clinton St


***free AND there's a bar!